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Welcome to Power Rangers Ideas, The sister wiki to Power Rangers Fanon.

Welcome to the Power Rangers Idea wiki! We are the sister wiki to Power Rangers Fanon, only this wiki is all about ideas for Power Ranger's fan fictions instead of the fan fics themselves. We have over 248 pages here so make sure to hop in and create your own but only if you're 13 or older.

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Power Rangers Astral Squad is a series written by User:Star1gazer. About 5 centuries ago,best friends, Pyra and Karl, found 10 astral star cards. Then, they fought over it,and separated with Karl having the astral star cards. He hid them in different areas in a city called London, hoping that some teenagers worthy enough, would find them and become Power Rangers Astral Squad. Unknown to Karl, as Pyra was walking through the woods lonely and annoyed, he found 1 more astral star card. He kept it with his life, hoping that a worthy servant would get it and rule alongside with him. Till then, he hunts the Earth for the rest of the astral star cards.

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